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BCRTx is a volunteer non-profit organization which accepts Border Collies from owners, shelters, and other rescuers. Some rescues are pedigreed, some look and act purebred but have no verification, a few are known BC mixes. Rescues range from puppies to seniors. All BCRTx listed dogs are spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated and heartworm free and on preventive. Due to the recent increase of incoming dogs with Hip Dysplasia, we have elected to include a veterinary screening for this with all of our dogs over one year of age. The xrays are not sent to OFA and are on opinion of the foster's veterinarian. Adoption fees and completed applications are required. Application information will be verified.

BCRTx matches families with Border Collies of compatible temperament and abilities. Fosters whenever possible try to evaluate all Border Collies with cats, other dogs, children, herding, agility, obedience, etc. A rescue dog will bond with a new family. Dogs seem to know when they've been 'saved' and have a desire to work with the new people in their lives.

If you want to help Border Collies, contact BCRTx for more information. Foster homes are screened before acceptance. Volunteers are needed for transporting dogs, shelter checks, distributing posters and pamphlets, writing articles, training for herding, obedience, agility and much more! A hard copy of the dogs listed on this site may be obtained at no charge by contacting BCRTx.

Our Mission:
  • To provide proper emotional and physical care to Border Collies whenever possible.
  • To spay or neuter all rescued dogs unless precluded from doing so for health
  • To educate the public in regards to the nature, needs and natural tendencies of a
      Border Collie.
  • To place rescued Border Collies in appropriate homes after proper screening.
  • To euthanize those dogs that are unable to function properly within society due to
      health or mental reasons.
  • To actively raise funds to meet Border Collie needs.
  • To respectfully come to the aid of other Rescuers whenever possible.
  • To teach and support those individuals that have adopted Border Collies.
This rescue group exists because of the love of five very special Border Collies.

These five have been followed by hundreds more, all special in their own way.

Little Dot
Born 1986
Rescued 1996
Passed 2002
Born 1994
Passed 2008
Born 07/1995
Passed 2009
Born 07/1995
Passed 04/2007
Born 1995
Passed 2007