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East Texas Border Collie Puppy Mill

Last Updated Saturday July 16, 2011

The dogs on this page are from one location. They have spent their lives in a puppy mill. They are fearful and unsocialized.

These dogs will not be available for adoption until they have been rehabilitated and completed all medical treatment. We hope to use this site to keep you informed of their status.

View a list of the dogs we rescued from the puppy mill. View a special video of these Border Collies.

We are not accepting applications for adoption for these Border Collies at this time unless they are listed on our Adoptions page.

If you would like to help by fostering one of these dogs, please submit a foster application. These dogs will require long term foster homes that have a lot of love, patience and positive training experience. The rewards are large but slow.

April 10, 2011

Well I have finally stopped long enough to answer emails. I got at the message this morning that all dogs are off this property. All are safe in the hands of several rescue groups. The official count won't be finalized till tomorrow but it is going to be over 130. Border Collie Rescue Texas pulled the 37 on Thursday and had one from earlier in the week. We knew we left four in the hands of the Humane society. Two we could not fit in. One in a trap in the woods that they were going to tend to after we left and one that walked up out of the woods but ran away before we could catch it.

I want to say that it is with pride that I can say many groups made this happen. We could not have handled all 130 and I dare say no one group could have. This isn't about who pulled what number but about looking into these dogs eyes and wrapping our arms around them and giving them the touch and human contact that they deserve. I want to thank All Border Collie Rescue for being a part of this. A big part of this. I respect what they do and thank them for being part of this rescue. I hope we can work together always.

Now I want to tell you why I do this. There was an ole soul there who has become "Gentle Ben" to us. He was in a homemade x pen of heavy wire. Out in the open. At some point I guess he had a vari kennel or at least there were two halves of it with him. Not even put together. One of those was half gone from being chewed on. Whether for food or from boredom it really doesn't matter. Gentle Ben, I would imagine, had a jet black muzzle in his youth. Brilliant White blaze if he had ever been cleaned. But that jet black muzzle is now dotted with grey. Maybe you have seen it before. Grey rings set in around the eyes and along the jaw line. And the black well it is now tinged with lots of grey highlights.

We walked up to 40 crated dogs waiting for rescue. Gentle Ben still waited away from the others in his x pen prison. (Humane Society said it looked like he had been there for years). Other barked. Some cowered. Some were just confused. Gentle Ben just watched. We released him after we had loaded up 15 or 20 other because we weren't about to leave him. Well out walked Gentle Ben to a group of strangers. People he had never seen. People covered in the filth of terrible conditions. Well he didn't mind he just walked out and did the proudest sit, leaning against my leg. Leaning mind you. Leaning and pointing that graying muzzle skyward at my face. I reached down and scratched his chin. I scratched his back that was missing hair, covered in dirt. No glowing coat. Little hair left from fighting off fleas and weather. LEANING on me, chin in air saying "Thank you...thank you...now can you scratch me just once more" I won't run. I won't hide. I just need to be next to somebody that cares.

I gently scooped up gentle Ben who is between a weathered 10 years of age to 15 at least and I walked him into what will be his Golden Years. He will NOT want for anything ever again. He will NOT sit in 100 degree sun or sub freezing weather or be covered in fleas ever again. He will be the champion he deserves to be.

Some of you will have to forgive me for what I am about to write. I have watched Westminister for many years but I have never had the privilege of going. But I listen as that announcer calls out..."This is So and So number XXX". When we started pulling these dogs we had to give them numbers to keep records straight. And it worked but now they have names like Gentle Ben..Well for me Gentle Ben is great but he will forever be known as Gentle Ben number 30. If those breed champions at Westminister can have numbers so can these champions of Marion County.

I'll post Gentle Ben number 30's pictures when I can. And there are 37 more champions just like him.

Give us your tired, your poor, those yearning to be free. (I hear you)

Free, Free, Free at last. Thank God...free at last.

For everyone of you that has supported Border Collie Rescue Texas with your prayer, with your donations and with your watchcare. WE DID THIS TOGETHER.

Sam Ford
Chairman of the Board
Border Collie Rescue Texas Inc.

*** Final count from the Humane Society of the Border Collies from this site, 167 live rescues, 16 deceased ***

First priority, vet care and baths

Jefferson dogs arrive in Austin       Some of the Border Collies checking into clinic

Tiny and severely underweight

Missing part of ear, canines snipped off, matted

Just wants attention!

Wants to be touched, coughing


Very scared and submissive

Nervous and skiddish

Desi - heart murmur, tumors, very overbred and lethargic

One of Desi's tumors

Feel so better being clean

Warning!!! Some of the following pictures are graphic!

The Rescue - April 7, 2011 - 37 Border Collies now safe

Trailer loaded with crates ready to pull out early


Ready to load

Gentle Ben number 30

Many Border Collies bones and carcasses were found

Desi's teeth were down to nubs

Major hairloss

Desi had numerous tumors

Prior living conditions

Living on wire

Inside the house


This breeding facility got out of control.

His best breeding dogs lived on wire.

As you can see from the pictures, the conditions were extreme.

First one to pull - Carli (Robin) needed immediately vet care

Carli's back paw is missing

Carli - exhausted but safe now

Carli's injured foot

Some of Carli's hair loss

Carli's front teeth are worn down to nubs
Carli is now receiving medical care.


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