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All the dogs that we take into our care, and later adopt to a family, will have been spayed or neutered, vaccinations brought up to date, fecal check, heartworm check done and hip X-rays taken to screen for hip dysplasia. This is the starting point.

  • Each dog requires spay/neuter costs $50-$100 (to reduce the need to do more rescue)
  • Some dogs require spay/neuter follow up care with pain meds and/or antibiotics $25-$50
  • An older dog needs a complete blood panel done before any type of surgery $50
  • Each dog needs vaccinations $20-$50 (more if the dog is young)
  • Each dog gets a fecal check $20
  • Worming medication is $15
  • Each dog gets a heartworm check $25 (so that you don't take the risk of adopting a dog that is heartworm positive)
  • A heartworm positive dog, treatment is $300-$600
  • Each dog requires monthly heartworm medication $10/month
  • Each dog requires monthly flea-tick preventative $10-$15/month
  • Each dog is microchipped $30 (so that if you lose the dog, it can be returned to you)
  • Each dog over the age of 1 year gets a hip X-ray ($75-$100 so that you will know if your dog is a sports candidate)
  • At times there are other ailments that a dog may have, such as eye injuries and the visit to a veterinary ophthalmologist starts at $80
  • Orthopedic problems can range from $200-$4000.
  • Behavioral analysis $80+ (so that you don't risk getting a dog that has a bad temperament)
  • Obedience Training $50-$80 (we volunteer our time so that you get a dog that has manners)
  • Incidental vet costs (varies with the dog - but no dog is euthanized because we can't afford to take care of their medical needs - so that you the adopter, receives a healthy dog).
  • TLC and unconditional love (but that's what the dogs give us in return).

    Once the basic care is given, there is dog food, a collar and leash and additional dietary support when needed. Our rescues are house trained and crate trained. They are taught their basic manners along with those commands that every dog needs to know. Many get additional training.

    For the rest of the dog's life, we are here to help with training, behavior, and health questions. If there comes a time where the owner finds he/she cannot keep this dog anymore, we will gladly bring the dog back into the rescue and find another home who will provide loving care.

    We love to hear how our rescued dogs are getting on with their new lives - because this is the reward and the payment for the time and commitment put into each dog who comes through our rescue.


  • Border Collie Rescue Texas, Inc. - P. O. Box 1338 - La Porte, Tx 77572