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The dogs featured on this page are those that have been adopted through courtesy independent listings in 2009.

Last Updated January 31, 2014. The following dogs were available for adoption from other rescue groups and independent rescuers. These dogs had not been evaluated by Border Collie Rescue Texas, Inc. and Border Collie Rescue Texas, Inc. did not assume any responsibility for the adoption of these dogs.  Any adoptions of dogs listed on the Independent Adoption Website were solely transacted between the independent rescuers and the adoptive owner. Border Collie Rescue Texas, Inc. did not warrant any claims about the dogs listed as available for adoption through the Independent Adoption Website.

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Angie Prancy Gracie
Brother Harry Honor
Doc Mario Luke Bonnie
Cassie Izzy Lance
Meekah Jessie Shylah
Jeffery Madeline Dorey
Phantom Bud Sasha Sky
Lucy Mario Tristan
Sully Callie Dolly
Baby Blue Pearl Landon
Trip Eli Trooper
Flynn Alex Fletch
Tilly Shay Fiona
Colt Seth Trey
Evi Banshee Zoe
April Bandit Junior
Daisy Haleigh Max
Sam Jake Caleb
Samantha Allegra Joe
Mac K9 Zeka
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